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Devine Millimet boasts one of the largest business litigation teams in Northern New England and regularly helps our business clients resolve a wide range of business and financial problems. We practice before all federal and state courts in the region and, when necessary, in other locations. Our lawyers have obtained some of the largest judgments and successfully defended some of the largest claims in New Hampshire history. We pride ourselves on innovative and cost-effective solutions, including the use of arbitration and mediation when appropriate. At the same time, however, we can bring to bear the strength of our numbers, aggressiveness, tenacity, experience, technological savvy, and judgment needed to handle any business or financial dispute.

Our Clients

Devine Millimet a long history of representing business clients cross the entire spectrum of the New England economy, including some of the region’s largest publicly held companies, banks and other financial institutions, and some of the most renowned and successful individual entrepreneurs.

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Our Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation and Arbitration 

If by virtue of choice or the terms of the contract, you find yourself in arbitration, our team can help. We have experience representing construction industry clients in both AAA and privately negotiated arbitration proceedings. We have experience advising clients on all aspects of the process from the selection of the arbitrator to how to best present your case before an arbitrator. Our most senior team member is even called upon to serve as an arbitrator, given his experience in this field.

Contract and Commercial Disputes

Our lawyers regularly handle contractual disputes, ranging from straightforward commercial collections to sophisticated litigation involving complex business transactions across a wide spectrum of markets and commercial settings. 

Financial Disputes and Securities Litigation

Over its nearly seventy year history, Devine Millimet has established itself as a leader in resolving financial disputes. We regularly represent financial institutions of all sizes in litigation involving all types of lending and investment activities. We assist clients in workouts, foreclosures, securities claims, lender liability claims and just about any other type of litigation that might arise out of financing activities.

Business Ownership and Business Governance Disputes

Devine Millimet often assists clients in repairing or unwinding troubled relationships involving investments, ownership or control of business entities. When these relationships end in litigation, our lawyers employ effective strategies to obtain the best results for our clients. We understand sophisticated corporate transactions and the complex documentation that goes along with them. We also understand that sometimes, it gets personal, particularly when the fight involves closely-held businesses or family members. Our experience and judgment inside and outside of the courtroom make us uniquely qualified to assist owners in disputes involving their businesses.


We understand that commercial transactions occur with greater speed than ever before, often without any “hard copies” of the paperwork. We understand how to investigate and use emails, electronic acceptances of standard terms and conditions, and other electronically stored information, to resolve claims arising from contracts made in cyber-space. We apply our knowledge and experience to advance our clients’ commercial interests.

State and Federal Tax Litigation

Our firm has a very active tax practice and regularly helps clients minimize the tax impact of business transactions and of business revenue. We also regularly assist clients in valuation disputes with municipalities which, under New Hampshire law, can be litigated before the State Board of Land and Tax Appeals or in Court.

Privacy and Cyber-Security 

In today’s networked world, businesses need to manage the risks associated with storing and protecting data, and especially private and confidential information. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) and certain state laws impose specific obligations regarding protecting individual information and regarding reporting data breaches, but the problems do not end there. Any hacking or other cyber-security breach that exposes any data to loss, corruption, misuse, or theft can be disastrous, leading to regulatory action, individual litigation, or class action lawsuits. Devine Millimet helps its business clients implement damage control measures and recover from these problems if and when they arise, whether it be defending lawsuits, managing the public relations problems, or investigating claims against third parties who may be civilly or criminally responsible for the breach.

Trade Regulation

Business today is often conducted in a regulated environment, and aggressive competitors know how to use the law to maximize their positions in the marketplace. Sometimes, however, competition can get out of hand, and when it does, we are here to help. We regularly assist businesses bringing or defending claims of unfair competition under the New Hampshire and Massachusetts consumer protection acts, the Lanham Act, and other protective legislation. Devine Millimet also has successfully handled antitrust claims, regulatory and licensing proceedings, and challenges to unreasonable government regulation in the courts.

Business Torts

We have extensive experience asserting and defending all types of claims that arise from business transactions. We have successfully handled tortious interference with contract claims on numerous occasions.

Class Actions

Devine Millimet has served as counsel in a number of class action lawsuits across a wide range of industries, including the electronics industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the finance industry.

Multi-District Litigation

Our litigation team has been involved in several high-profile cases in which claims have been brought in numerous federal districts and then consolidated under the federal multi-district litigation rules.