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The trusts and estates attorneys at Devine Millimet assist families in the difficult time following the loss of a loved one. We help with the probate administration of estates and the administration of family trusts. We provide gift and fiduciary tax services to clients at all levels of wealth, of all ages, and from all types of businesses, professions and occupations. We work with family advisors, including CPAs, insurance professionals, financial advisors and corporate counsel, to ensure an integrated approach to the family plan.

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We assist clients with all required court proceedings, locating and collecting assets and transfering them to heirs, and other steps necessary to carry out an individual’s estate plan. Often, we can achieve enhanced tax savings that were not previously contemplated through post-mortem planning techniques.

Trust Administration

Trusts have become commonplace in estate planning. Devine Millimet advises individual trustees, corporate fiduciaries, and trust beneficiaries regarding the legal issues and fiduciary responsibilities that arise from the use of this estate planning device. Our lawyers can help with the oversight of professional trustees. In some cases our lawyers serve at the request of the family as trustee or co-trustee.

Tax Preparation

To complement our probate and trust administration services, Devine Millimet prepares federal and state estate tax returns, gift tax returns and fiduciary income tax returns.

Representation Before Tax Authorities

We provide experienced representation in audits, appeals and inquiries on federal and state transfer tax and fiduciary income tax matters before the Internal Revenue Service, the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, and in Tax Court.

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            Estate Planning Questionnaire

            The Devine Millimet Trust and Estate Team offers an Estate Planning Questionnaire to help organize personal and financial information for estate planning purposes. If you would like to discuss your estate plan, please contact us at 603-669-1000 or via email.