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Devine Millimet's healthcare attorneys, Devine Health, represents all members of the healthcare-provider community, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician practices, individual practitioners, and agencies responsible for the health and related needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness. We provide assistance to our clients with their day-to-day health law issues, as well as their regulatory, legislative, administrative, and litigation needs.

Our Devine Health team is experienced in the state and federal laws that uniquely apply to the healthcare industry. Our healthcare attorneys are able to address regulatory and compliance issues such as, HIPAA, EMTALA, medical staff and employment issues, reimbursement matters (e.g. Medicare and Medicaid), managed care contracting, certificate of need issues, and risk management and professional liability matters. Our experience also extends into more generalized laws that affect the healthcare industry, such as nonprofit corporate law, charitable trust law, real estate, financing, antitrust, and state and federal tax law.

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Through the representation of community hospitals, tertiary care facilities, teaching hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, non-profit institutions, and religiously-affiliated hospitals, we have developed an understanding and appreciation for the unique and highly complicated issues facing these institutions. 

Long-Term Care Facilities

In this era of extensive government regulation and oversight, we serve our long-term care facility clients, especially nursing homes, by taking a multidimensional approach. 

Medicaid-Funded Agencies

We assist Medicaid-funded non-profit agencies respond to State actions alleging Medicaid over-billing, fraud, and other compliance issues, as well as State proceedings seeking to revoke their licenses, or force a merger or dissolution.

Physician & Healthcare Practices

We help physicians, dentists, nurses, allied health professionals, and other health care providers navigate the complex healthcare legal landscape, at both the individual and group practice level.