Thomas Quarles, Jr.

I have been a litigator at Devine Millimet for more than 37 years, practicing in the New Hampshire state and federal courts. My general commercial litigation practice covers land use and environmental matters, probate, and trust litigation. Another practice focus is Medicaid provider issues for social service agencies and long term care facilities, health insurance and managed care. I have served on the board of Devine Millimet and have chaired our Litigation Department. I am the Chair of the state’s Public Water Access Advisory Board and Chair of the N.H. Supreme Court’s Public Protection Fund Committee.  

I frequently litigate against the State of New Hampshire, mostly on behalf of Medicaid provider clients. I have achieved significant victories in multiple New Hampshire Supreme Court cases that established or confirmed clients’ Medicaid rights. These included the precedent-setting Bel Air cases. For a list of my cases that have resulted in published opinions, click the "CASES" tab above. I have briefed and/or argued more than 26 N.H. Supreme Court appeals and a number of federal First Circuit Court of Appeals cases. I was the principal author of the 2005 amendments to the N.H. Ski Statute, RSA 225-A, and have defended New Hampshire ski areas in their ski accident litigation since the late 1980s.  

Working with Partner Charles Powell, we conceived, drafted, and got state legislation enacted to create “Special Medicaid Representatives” (“SMR”), RSA Ch. 151-I.  This was an effort on behalf of the N.H. Healthcare Association and the N.H. Hospital Association to establish a needed new payment source for patients and residents who have exhausted their initial funding, but either are unable or refuse to apply for Medicaid.  SMRs are court-supervised individuals with the power to obtain required financial and other documents and, with the courts' assistance, to compell a Medicaid-eligible resident or patient to cooperate in the complicated and time-consuming Medicaid application process.  This option is much simpler and cheaper than opening a guardianship, and does not require a showing of incapacity of the resident/patient. It has met with great success. This first-in-the-nation innovation has generated interest from healthcare and hospital associations in many other states.

Our firm celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2022.  As one of the longest serving attorneys in the firm, I was asked to and produced and edited a history book covering the firm’s significant cases, its development from an insurance defense firm to one of the largest law firms in northern New England and the significant public and judicial service that many of our attorneys have performed.

I serve on the Board of Plowshare Farm, a life-sharing community for the developmentally disabled, and more recently joined the New England Ski Museum Board. Not surprisingly, I am an avid downhill and telemark skier who is trying to teach himself to snowboard. Outside of the winter months, I enjoy flatwater and whitewater canoeing, kayaking, and bicycling. In the summer I spend as much time as possible with my wife and daughter at our family’s lake house near Keene, sailing, boating, and enjoying the outdoors.

Representative Matters

  • Achieved one of the largest settlements ever against the State following a successful NH Supreme Court appeal for the State's wrongful conduct in attempting to terminate a Medicaid provider client without showing cause
  • Successfully represented two Medicaid-funded agencies for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled in protracted efforts by the State to revoke their licenses and force large Medicaid fraud reimbursements
  • Litigated multiple zoning and land use cases in the New Hampshire Superior Courts and Supreme Court, including litigating constitutional and takings issues
  • Represented two Medicaid-funded agencies for the developmentally disabled in evaluating their rights and options when the State ordered them to merge with other such agencies
  • Numerous successful claims on behalf of individual investors against brokerage firms both in the courts and in SRO arbitration forums, including a $1.4 million NASD arbitration award
  • Successful trial by heirs against holder of power of attorney for misappropriating the testator's estate before her death. Damages of $530,000 awarded plus costs and attorney's fees


Speaking Engagements

  • NBI CLE - "Road and Access Law in NH"
  • Numerous presentations to clients on healthcare, litigation issues, and skiing risk management

Community Involvement

  • State of New Hampshire Public Water Access Advisory Board, Chair
  • New England Ski Museum Board of Directors
  • Plowshare Farm, Inc. Board of Directors (non-profit lifesharing community for the developmentally disabled)
  • Appalachian Mountain Club, paddling and water use matters

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            Energy & Regulated Industries

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            Regulatory Compliance for Businesses

            Bar Admissions

            New Hampshire - All State Courts

            U.S. District Court for District of NH

            U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals


            University of Connecticut, JD, cum laude, 1986

            Swarthmore College, BA, honors, 1980

            Awards & Affiliations

            New England Super Lawyers - Top Rated Attorney, 2013 - 2017, 2020-2024

            Included in The Best Lawyers in America© for his work in Litigation - Land Use and Zoning, and Litigation - Real Estate, 2013-2024

            Selected as "Local Litigation Star" in Benchmark Litigation, 2017

            BV Distinguished Rating, Martindale-Hubbell

            New Hampshire Bar Association Distinguished Service to the Legal Profession Award, 2023

            New Hampshire Bar Association Distinguished Service to the Public Award, 1998

            New Hampshire Supreme Court Public Protection Fund Committee, Chair

            Association of Ski Defense Attorneys

            New Hampshire Bar Association

            Manchester Bar Association