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Devine Millimet lawyers routinely represent commercial financial institutions, venture capital firms and private finance lenders as well as borrowers in connection with complex secured and unsecured credit-based transactions.  Devine Millimet lawyers seek to provide aggressive, creative representation for their clients at a reasonable cost and take pride in a well-earned reputation for hard work and the ability to complete transactions.

Transactional matters and representative work include all facets of real estate-based lending (land and existing commercial facility-based acquisition financing, construction and permanent loans and other mortgage-based financing), securitized lending and structured finance, asset and cash-flow-based lending, equipment financing, venture capital financing, loan participations and syndications, intercreditor agreements, letters of credit and banker's acceptance facilities, and credit enhancement facilities for taxable and tax-exempt bond financings as well as direct purchases for such bonds. In addition, Devine Millimet is the only New Hampshire-based law firm listed as recognized bond counsel in the Bond Buyer's "Red Book", and, as such, we have extensive experience with a wide variety of general obligation and revenue bond financings.

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Commercial Finance

Devine Millimet lawyers represent clients in all types of commercial lending transactions. We are familiar with several transactions involving machinery and equipment, accounts receivable, inventory, securities, aircraft, yachts, various types of contracts, and other collateral. We help structure financings, draft documentation, and negotiate and close credit-based transactions for a diverse variety of industries with manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers. Our experience extends to asset-based loans, interest rate swaps, taxable and tax-exempt revenue bond financings, mezzanine and subordinated loans, highly leveraged loans, including buy-out type financing, letters of credit, commercial mortgage based financing, as well as standard loan structures. We represent both lenders and borrowers in commercial loans for a large number of small- to middle-market sized companies, leveraged buy-out financing, and large syndicated credit transactions to investment-grade corporations.

Real Estate-Based Financing

Devine Millimet represents borrowers, commercial lending institutions, and private financiers throughout New England in financing transactions involving existing buildings and facilities, as well as construction-based lending. We work with office buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities, restaurant and lodging facilities, retail properties, multi-family housing, and hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

We regularly represent multiple clients with construction and permanent financing, purchase money loans, foreclosures and resales of all types of properties, and seller-based financing arrangements. Our lawyers regularly deal with multi-million-dollar transactions. 

Recognized Bond Counsel

Devine Millimet is the only New Hampshire-based law firm listed as recognized bond counsel in the Bond Buyer's "Red Book." Over several decades, we have acquired extensive experience with a wide variety of general obligation and revenue bond financings. We represent public entities, such as municipalities and school districts, in the issuance of tax-exempt bond obligations. Our lawyers also assist institutions, such as hospitals and colleges, in raising funds through public and private bond offerings. We also serve as counsel to underwriters with respect to various state bond issues, and as counsel to lenders with respect to the issuance of credit enhancements and direct purchase of bonds.

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Devine Millimet's venture capital and private equity attorneys represent numerous early-stage funding, angel groups, and private equity investors, as well as venture-backed businesses. We assist in the formulation of appropriate financing terms and conditions for these types of investments. Our practice includes all types of financing, from early or seed stage investments through additional rounds, up to the initial public offering stage.

Financial Institutions Regulatory Practice

Devine Millimet counsels clients regarding the provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. We monitor regulatory activity by the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other governmental agencies, and advise our institutional clients regarding compliance and regulatory obligations.