Family Divorce Lawyers

Family law issues are extremely personal, requiring an attorney’s appreciation of the significant, long-term impact upon one’s family and property. Devine Millimet’s family law attorneys work for effective, enforceable solutions  related to divorce, struggles over child custody and child support issues, alimony disputes, and prenuptial agreements. There are many other concerns faced during and after divorce, including the many nuances of business valuation and the complexities of asset division.

We have negotiated and resolved complex and stressful problems (which may at first seem insurmountable) by well-planned strategy, realistic expectations, and with vigorous advocacy of our clients’ interests.   

Unlike many legal matters, family law issues do not always end with an agreement or trial order. Often, as families grow and change, new issues arise that necessitate adjustments in obligations. We stand with our clients in court, and remain as their advisor and counsel afterwards.

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Our Services


We assist a client through all aspects of a divorce case. Whether a client is only contemplating a divorce or they have just filed a petition for divorce or the case has been appealed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, we are there to provide legal guidance every step of the way.

Child Custody (Parenting Rights & Responsibilities)

We assist clients with the unique child custody issues for their situation. Whether faced with the child custody issues inherent with a divorce, a post-divorce relocation, or parenting case, we provide the needed guidance for these stressful circumstances.

Child Support & Alimony

We help clients with the calculation of child support and alimony as part of divorce and parenting cases as well as re-calculation of these financial obligations after the passage of several years.  


Sometimes the best solution to a case is one that is found outside of court. Our experienced attorneys help clients negotiate a mediated resolution to their family law case, avoid trips to court, and foster better future communication with the other party.

Prenuptial Agreements

In conjunction with the attorneys in our estate planning department, we prepare prenuptial agreements that capture the spirit and intent of a client’s wishes prior to marriage. 

Post-divorce Issues

Many family law issues arise as families grow and change over the years.  We help clients navigate the waters of adjustments in obligations such as child support, alimony, residential relocation, and other such issues.