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Business owners spend much of their time actively managing their business: developing their product or service; ensuring a stable balance sheet and cash flow; promoting and marketing the business; overseeing staff and employees; managing the sales cycle. While retirement or other exiting either voluntarily or through serious illness or death is never ideal, the best way to deal with it is to plan - both for the expected and for the unexpected. The Devine Millimet succession team is here to help business owners do just that. Our experienced team can help businesses of all sizes and types plan for succession in a way that addresses long-term goals, abates tax concerns, and meets the individual needs of the owners and family members. We emphasize planning for the expected - the transfer of the business either to family, employees, or third parties; as well as the unexpected - the death, disability, or departure of an owner. The time to start is now. The benefits of having a plan in place are immeasurable. Contact any member of our experienced team for sound, tailored, and judicious advice.  

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