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We assist Medicaid-funded non-profit agencies respond to State actions alleging Medicaid over-billing, fraud, and other compliance issues, as well as State proceedings seeking to revoke their licenses, or force a merger or dissolution. Our breadth of experience allows us to further serve these clients by advising them on general compliance, non-profit, and corporate law matters.

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Our Services

Notably, we have been involved in:

  • Representing parties in all three mergers of New Hampshire area agencies for the developmentally disabled.
  • Successfully representing two Medicaid-funded agencies for individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities opposing the State's protracted efforts to revoke their licenses and force large Medicaid fraud and overbilling reimbursements.
  • Challenging changes to the State's Medicaid rate-setting methodology for nursing homes resulting in a New Hampshire Supreme Court opinion invalidating these changes and potentially requiring millions of dollars in reimbursement.