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Our tax attorneys provide clients with a broad range of services to handle any potential tax issue - whether tax planning or defending actions by taxing agencies. We assist our clients with all civil (non-criminal) aspects of federal and state taxation, including tax planning, audit strategy and response, administrative appeal, and litigation. As taxation attorneys, we combine practical, creative solutions with the necessary experience and expertise to help businesses come to sound and reasonable tax resolutions that work.

Our clients include both new and established businesses, which we advise on a wide variety of matters, including:
  • taxable and tax-free mergers, acquisitions, distributions, sales, spin-offs, and similar transactions;
  • recapitalizations and other forms of internal reorganization; 
  • C-corporation, S-corporation, partnership and limited liability companies;
  • entity selection;
  • executive compensation;
  • state and local taxation; and
  • tax-exempt and governmental organizations.

New Hampshire has a unique set of business and personal taxes that often prove difficult to navigate for out-of-state taxpayers. For instance, the audit division at the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has been aggressive in challenging compensation for owners (regardless of form of entity), distributions from entities, real estate transfer taxes, nexus and combined reporting. We also offer seminars on New Hampshire tax matters.

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Our Services

Tax Planning Strategies

We integrate a client's business objectives with the necessary tax planning tools to achieve those objectives while minimizing both federal and state taxes.

Transactional Tax Planning

Our team assists clients in analyzing the federal and state tax effects of a proposed transaction such as a merger, business sale, or joint venture.

Incentive Compensation Arrangements

We help clients maximize the tax benefits related to incentivizing employees through a variety of incentive compensation plans including stock option plans, restricted stock plans, phantom stock plans, and creative bonus arrangements.

Entity Selection

We help clients understand the tax effect of business entity choices in order to maximize business flexibility while minimizing overall tax burden.

Reasonable Compensation Deductions

Our team of attorneys and tax experts represent clients before the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration in defending challenges to compensation deductions under the New Hampshire Business Profits Tax.  We also provide advice to clients on compensation planning for future years.

Business Profits Tax Matters

Assisting clients with planning to minimize the New Hampshire Business Profits Tax and representing clients before the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration in nexus, unitary combined reporting cases, qualified investment company challenges and audits of business organizations and their owners.

Transfer Tax Matters

We help clients with plans to minimize the New Hampshire Real Estate Transfer Tax and defend audits of transactions involving the Real Estate Transfer Tax.

Audit and Appeal

Our IRS tax attorneys represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service and New Hampshire Department of Revenue in audits and administrative proceedings.

Tax Exempt Entities

Our Non-Profit Organizations team represents non-profit clients with respect to acquiring, maintaining and defending tax exempt status.

Pension and Employee Benefits

Our Employee Benefits team handles the tax aspects of pension, employee benefits, and ERISA matters.

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