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The Legal Malpractice and Professional Conduct team provides law firms and individual practitioners with assistance in a broad spectrum of issues related to professional misconduct and ethics. Our expertise covers legal malpractice actions, professional disciplinary proceedings, character and fitness committee inquiries, client fee disputes, conflict analysis, and a full range of ethical issues that attorneys face in the day-to-day management of their practice. We also provide expert opinions and testimony on professional liability issues in all forums and consult with law firms on firm management issues ranging from website advertising and the use of social media to partnership dissolution and law firm mergers.

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Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice claims are on the rise throughout the country and the unfortunate reality is that it is likely, and perhaps inevitable, that any firm will face a legal malpractice suit at some point. The members of the Legal Malpractice and Professional Conduct team are seasoned litigators with significant experience handling legal malpractice lawsuits in the state and federal courts. We are also panel counsel for many legal malpractice insurance companies and regularly work with claims representatives to protect and advise lawyers and law firms in this particularly contentious field of litigation.

Legal Malpractice claims frequently require an understanding of the client's actions and decisions in specialized areas of practice such as bankruptcy, taxation, real estate, business, and family law. Devine Millimet has lawyers with great experience in all these fields. This is a unique advantage for our legal malpractice defense lawyers, since they can draw on the deep experience of their colleagues in elevating claims and fashioning the most persuasive arguments on substantive legal issues.

Attorney Discipline Proceedings

Few things in the practice of law can be more stressful than receiving a letter from the Attorney Discipline Office notifying you that a client or former client, or even another attorney, has filed a disciplinary complaint against you. The members of the Legal Malpractice and Professional Conduct team regularly represent attorneys in disciplinary proceedings and have the knowledge and expertise necessary to guide you through the disciplinary process in an effective and efficient manner.  

Law Firm Administration

The practice of law is difficult. Keeping abreast of and complying with the rules that govern the administration of a law firm can be equally difficult. The members of the Legal Malpractice and Professional Conduct team have experience advising and assisting lawyers and law firms on a broad array of law firm management issues ranging from trust fund accounting to the use of websites and social media for marketing to multi-jurisdiction and cross-jurisdictional practice issues to the merger and/or dissolution of law firms when it is time to retire.