Devine-Millimet - Summer Associate Program

Summer Associate Program


The Summer Associate Program at Devine Millimet is designed to expose law school students to a wide variety of legal practices; giving law students the opportunity to attend trials, depositions, mediations, closings, will signings, and client conferences, while conducting legal research, writing legal papers and articles, and performing other projects for ongoing cases and clients. Summer associates are assigned an informal mentor who can provide professional guidance and insight into the practice of law at Devine Millimet. The program is intense, and each summer associate is reviewed twice during the course of the program.

We hire summer associates judiciously so they will be eligible to receive an offer for full-time employment with Devine Millimet upon completing law school and passing the bar.

Requirements for admittance into Devine Millimet's Summer Associate Program:

  • Completion of second year of law school
  • Academic excellence

My summer at Devine Millimet was a crash course in practical legal training. Every day, I worked closely with attorneys from a broad range of practice groups. I received detailed feedback on my work, industry-specific knowledge, and general mentorship from each attorney that I worked with. At the same time, I was given the opportunity to exercise my independent judgment—I interacted with clients, drafted legal documents, and took an active role in case management. I would recommend this program to any law student who wants to practice law in a full-service law firm (or elsewhere), and who enjoys facing—and overcoming—professional challenges.

Devin Bolger, 2017 Summer Associate Program

Devine’s Summer Associate Program provided me with a hands-on legal experience from day one.  I truly felt like I hit the ground running as a member of the team. 
Over these past twelve weeks, I have had the opportunity to work with experienced lawyers on a variety of complex litigation and corporate matters.  I worked on numerous assignments and I was consistently provided with detailed feedback and areas for improvement.  I had the added opportunity to attend client meetings, mediations, depositions, and a handful of court hearings.  Through these experiences, my substantive and practical legal skills have greatly improved.  
I was not expecting the level of collaboration and teamwork that I witnessed while at Devine.  Everyone at the firm, whether it be a legal assistant, paralegal, associate, or partner, has been friendly and eager to teach us and serve in a mentorship role. 
I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with such a great group of professionals and I am so thankful to have had this opportunity. 

Cory Greenleaf, 2021 Summer Associate Program

My summer as an associate at Devine Millimet was an education beyond anything I experienced in law school.  In my first week I wrote blog posts for the firm’s website, drafted and filed motions, and conducted research for different issues.   I had the opportunity to join attorneys in court, in mediations, in depositions, and, most importantly, in the strategic planning meetings prior to these events.  The firm ensures you get to work with attorneys across the firm but gives you the freedom to steer your own summer.  I worked on two cases early in the summer and kept asking “what do we do next?”  The attorneys let me get deeply involved, and I spent most of my summer working those cases as they progressed.  It was a great experience, and if you have the opportunity to spend a summer here, take it.

Samuel X. Frank, 2021 Summer Associate Program