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Our Administrative Team is the Best in the Business!


At Devine Millimet, our paralegals are an essential part of our law practice. Our staff of more than a dozen paralegals provides assistance to all practice areas within the firm. Working as teams in either our corporate or litigation areas, each paralegal is assigned to specific attorneys to better assist them in delivering the quality of legal services that our clients expect and deserve. All of our paralegals use Carpe Diem for time entry, the Microsoft Office Suite, and other programs to provide efficient and effective legal support. Our in-house trainer is a key part of orientation for all new hires to become more familiar with our software applications. We also offer continuing education classes on a full range of topics, including project management, computer skills, communication, and leadership.

We pride ourselves in the professional development of our paralegals. We encourage our paralegals to become certified by taking the CLA or CLAS exam. The firm also requires paralegals to attend in-house CLE training to further develop their body of knowledge. We currently have three paralegals who have their CLAS designations.


At Devine Millimet, our secretarial professionals are integral to our success. Most  of our secretaries are the first contact our clients have with the firm. That means a strong secretarial team is critical to maintaining our relationships with our clients. On average, our secretaries each support three attorneys. We use Carpe Diem for time entry, the Microsoft office Suite, and other programs. Our in-house trainer is a key part of orientation for all new hires to become more familiar with our software applications. In addition, we offer continuing education courses for our staff to become more efficient in their technical, people, and management skills. If you are extremely organized, communicate well, excel in customer service and have strong secretarial experience in a corporate or litigation environment, we'd love to hear from you.

Business Professionals

At Devine Millimet, our administrative team is instrumental in the efficient running of the day-to-day affairs of the firm. Our professional staff supports the firm in the areas of Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, Facilities, Information Services/Library, and Finance. Each of these departments contributes to the success of the firm by working as a team. If you have experience in a law firm environment working in one of these administrative capacities, please share your experience with us.

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