Devine Millimet understands that much of the wealth that has been created in New England over the past several decades results from the hard work of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs who create artistic works, technologies, new methods of doing business, and new methods of communication. Our lawyers have a long history of helping individuals bring their creations to market. 

Intellectual property protection at the time it is first created can be essential to eventual success in the marketplace. Our lawyers have extensive experience in patent, trademark, and copyright law, as well as trade secrets, non-competition covenants, and non-disclose agreements. 

We understand the financial challenges of launching a new business based on a creative work or an invention that has not yet been tested in the marketplace. We regularly assist individuals and small businesses with a broad range of legal issues, and help them bring their innovative creations, products, and services to market. We help with business formation, capital raising, day-to-day operations, and commercial transactions. We help develop creative solutions to all of the business and legal issues that arise in the course of sourcing, financing and closing transactions. 

As the business grows, we can provide additional advice regarding more sophisticated financing, corporate governance, management equity and compensation programs, securities matters, intellectual property protection and licensing, labor and employment, employee compensation and benefits, and business succession planning.

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Devine Millimet a long history of representing some of the most renowned and successful entrepreneurs in New England, including developers of computer peripherals, computer networking, lasers, and telecommunications products, to name just a few.

We also have represented authors, artists, musicians, and many other creative individuals.