Financial Exploitation of the Elderly - The Invisible Epidemic

Friday, June 12, 2015

8:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
Check-in & Continential Breakfast begin at 8 a.m.
NH Bar Association Seminar Room, Concord

4 NHMCLE Live, 1 of which may be applied towards NH Ethics

Elder financial abuse is a billion dollar industry in the US. Most of the cases go unreported due to the victim’s fear, guilt, misconceptions about the law or age-related illness.  Recent cases covered by the media, like those involving the late Brooke Astor, Mickey Rooney, and heiress Huguette Clark, illustrate that this tragedy can happen to anyone. At the heart of the problem are questions regarding autonomy and capacity of older adults as well as the challenges in investigating and prosecuting these cases.         

This four-hour seminar is designed for attorneys and other professionals including physicians, law enforcement officers, elder advocates, bank officers, CPAs and other financial advisors who want to know more about how to address financial exploitation of the elderly. National expert, Elizabeth Loewy, the lead prosecutor in the Brooke Astor case, along with a panel of New Hampshire criminal and civil attorneys, will cover a variety of topics, including New Hampshire’s new criminal financial exploitation law, RSA 631:9 and 10.

Whether you are meeting with a client, patient or customer in the regular course of your work and sense that an elder is subject to financial exploitation, or you’re an investigator, prosecutor or defense attorney specializing in elder abuse issues, informed discussion about the following topics will help you in your work:

  • defining financial abuse and recognizing the telltale signs of exploitation
  • dementia and its role in victimization
  • undue influence in civil and criminal cases
  • mandatory reporting laws affecting professionals
  • role of banks, privacy issues and identity theft
  • abuse of powers of attorney
  • tips for investigating and prosecuting
  • how to build your case; the role of first responders and forensic accountants
  • multidisciplinary teams and new advances in prevention
  • prosecution without victim testimony
  • defenses
  • negotiations and alternatives to prosecution
  • legal research resources
  • pitfalls to avoid
  • new developments in the law


John S. Kitchen
Program co-Chair/CLE Committee Member, John Kitchen Law Offices, Laconia an Auburn

Cheryl S. Steinberg
Program Co-Chair, New Hampshire Legal Assistance, Concord

James T. Boffetti
Office of the Attorney General, COncord

David P. Eby
Devine Millimet & Branch, PA, Manchester

Elisabeth Loewy
General Counsel, EverSafe, New York

Kerri S. Tasker
Loboe & Tucker, PLLC, Concord

Philip H. Utter
Green & Utter, PA, Manchester

*In-Person Program - NHBA Member - $169.00; In-Person Program - CLE Club Member (only if you purchased a current club subscription) - $79.00;  In-Person Non NHBA Members or Nonaffiliated - $179.00; In-person Police Prosecutors - $89.00