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What do Anthem, Home Depot, Sony Pictures, and Target all have in common?  They are all victims of computer hacking. Companies of all sizes and types can get hacked at any time, and such a crisis—and it is a crisis—can disrupt business, impact revenue, damage reputations, and undermine customer trust.

Our team of attorneys can assist clients in dealing with such a devastating breach of security. Whether it is helping to establish a crisis management plan and communication guidelines before an attack occurs, or dealing with the situation in real time, the Devine team has the experience to get a business—and its reputation—back on track. We focus our activity on helping businesses understand the forensics—how the situation happened; how to fix the security of the system; and then determine the scope and parties affected. We can help with insurers, establish remedies, and can assist with the all-important communication plan. As a last step our team assesses and evaluates the company’s response to the crisis, and provides guidance on how to adjust network security protocols and stay vigilant so there is no next time.

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