Crisis Management Plan | Business Law

No business is immune from a crisis. Executives and staff need to be prepared to act—responsibly, truthfully, and fast. A crisis can significantly disrupt business, affect revenue, damage reputations, and undermine customer trust. Our team of seasoned practitioners can help businesses with crisis management before, during, and after a crisis has hit.

We provide strategic consulting with a focus on ensuring you are not putting yourself in legal or ethical peril.

The best way to prepare is to have a crisis management plan in place long before a crisis occurs. Our team has found that a plan should include a template that a business can follow whenever a sudden, unexpected event occurs. Guidelines for internal and external communication need to be developed, approved, and circulated in advance to managers and stakeholders. Additionally, responses to media inquiries need to be drafted and vetted with company officials before release. Timing is vitally important when trying to manage a crisis. Today’s social media focus, means that companies need to be prepared to respond promptly. 

And when the crisis is over, it is an excellent time to evaluate your business’s performance and make adjustments to be ready should crisis strike again.

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