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Our Probate Litigation Team

I am often asked why the Probate Litigation Team includes estate planning lawyers as well as litigators.  At Devine, Millimet & Branch we believe it is important to address all issues that may arise in any litigated matter.  In the probate litigation arena, it is important not only to have a team of experienced litigators who can prepare and manage significant litigation but also to include other lawyers who have expertise in estate planning and tax issues.  These estate planning and tax lawyers have the specific expertise to assist our litigators as we work through the many issues that often creep into a probate litigation matter—allowing a comprehensive approach to wealth transfer problems.

In any probate litigation matter, clients need to know that they have the expertise and experience of a litigator with the added benefit of tax and estate planning experts.  This combination of litigation and estate planners brings a more balanced approach and ultimately allows our team to obtain the best resolution under the specific circumstances of the case.

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