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Supreme Court Halts Vaccine Mandate for Employers; Allows Separate Mandate for Healthcare Workers (1/20/22)
CDC Shortens Isolation and Quarantine Periods for General Population (1/5/22)
Sixth Circuit Revives OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate (12/21/21)
Federal Courts Block CMS Vaccine Mandate (12/10/21)
OSHA Suspends Enforcement Of COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (11/19/21)
Federal OSHA Releases Emergency Temporary Standard On Vaccination And Testing For Employers With 100 Or More Employees (11/10/21)
President Biden Announces New OSHA COVID-19 Vaccination-or-Testing Rulefor Larger Private-Sector Employers, Makes Vaccination Mandatory for Federal Workers, Contractors, Healthcare Workers (9/13/21)
EEOC Issues Updated Guidance For Employers On COVID-19 Vaccinations (6/14/21)
Guidance Issued by the Internal Revenue Service Regarding the Expansion of COBRA Benefits under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (6/1/21)
Expansion of COBRA Benefits under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (3/26/21)
New COVID-19 Relief Bill Extends Tax Credit for Employers Voluntarily Providing FFCRA Leave to September 30, 2021 (3/19/21)
FFCRA leave is voluntary for employers through March 31, 2021 (1/11/21)
EEOC Issues First Guidance For Employers On COVID-19 Vaccinations (12/18/20)
Not Just Guidelines: Civil Penalties Issued For Non-Compliance With Covid Operational Requirements (11/19/20)
Governor Sununu Updates the State’s Travel Guidance for Employers (11/16/20)
New Hampshire’s “Universal Guidelines” Undergo Substantive Revisions (8/12/20)
Retirement Plan Relief:  Participants and Spouses Can Execute Requests for Distributions Remotely (7/20/20)
Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing & Efficient Contract Breaches (7/8/20)
Navigating the Small Business Reorganization Act as a Creditor (7/7/20)
IRS Asking For Stimulus Checks To Deceased Individuals Be Returned (6/30/20)
Steps to Consider for Reopening Your Business (6/12/20)
H.R. 7010:  New Legislation Expands Chances of Full PPP Loan Forgiveness (6/4/20)
Free Printable Covid-19 Signage For Restaurants & Golf Courses (5/20/20)
What to Consider When Your Commercial Tenant Stops Paying Rent (5/19/20)
DOL Issues New Cobra Notices, but Extended Cobra Deadlines May Muddy the Waters (5/13/20)
Pressure Release:  Some Needed Guidance on the PPP Loan Certification of Necessity (5/13/20)
New Cobra Timelines for Employees and Employers (5/8/20)
Permitted COVID-19 Related Distributions from Retirement Plans under CARES Act (5/6/20)
PPP Loan Forgiveness—the Guidance Conundrum (5/5/20)
Can I Evict My Tenant During the COVID-19 State of Emergency? (4/23/20)
OSHA Issues Additional Guidance and a New Poster (4/22/20)
Economic Impact Payments for Individuals under the CARES Act Begin (4/15/20)
Documentation Required to Support Federal Paid Leave Requests and Related Tax Credits (4/14/20)
Additional Tax Filing Relief for Estates and Trusts (4/10/20)
An Improved, Expedited Process For Hospitals To Seek Guardianships During The Covid-19 Pandemic: The Emergency Expedited Guardianship Petition Over An Adult Person (4/9/20)
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Loans under the Paycheck Protection Program (the “PPP”) and the Tax Credits Available under the CARES Act (4/8/20)
The CARES Act- How Will it Impact Educational Institutions and Students? (4/7/20)
Maintaining Group Health Coverage During Changes In Employment Status (4/7/20)
The Ethics of Ventilator Rationing and Medical Supply Shortages (4/7/20)
Unemployment Assistance Under CARES (4/7/20)
Lean on Me – From Six Feet Away Please (4/6/20)
Stay-at-Home Orders and Parenting Schedules (4/3/20)
The Growing Impact on The Construction Industry (4/2/20)
Economic Impact Payments for Individuals under the CARES Act (4/1/20)
My Construction Company Can Still Work on Projects, What Do I Do to Protect My Workers and my Company During This Pandemic (4/1/20)
Retirement Plan Considerations (4/1/20)
Tax Cuts for Businesses Created by CARES (4/1/20)
COVID-19 – The CARES Act and Loans under the Paycheck Protection Program (3/31/20)
Loan Forgiveness under the CARES Act (3/31/20)
Checklist for employers in light of COVID-19 (3/30/20)
THE SHOW MUST GO ON – New Hampshire Notary Services in Light of COVID-19 (3/26/20)
Business Interruption Insurance (3/24/20)
COVID-19 – Force Majeure Clauses (3/20/20)
Emergency Paid Sick Leave (3/18/20)
FFCRA Establishes New Paid Sick Leave & Family Leave Rights and Employer’s Right to Receive Tax Credit (3/18/20)
KEEP CALM AND WASH HANDS: Coronavirus in the Workplace (3/13/20)


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